Installed by the UK's leading installers with over 1,000 5 star customer reviews
Over 1,000 5 star customer reviews


"The installation team were very quick and efficient and left everything spotless. We are delighted with the product which has been much admired by friends and relations. Aesthetically it looks so much neater and tidier and has made a huge difference to our large conservatory. It also makes it more soundproof and warmer. So now we’re able to use it all year round. So glad we had it done and by ConservaHeat."

If your looking for a Tiled Conservatory Roof, we can help. Here at ConservaHeat we specialising creating usable space from the space you already have that is literally going to waste. Our Composite Slate conservatory Roof Tile System does just that. We can transform the outside appearance of your Conservatory along with the thermal effectiveness of the inside. Tiles on the outside create a beautifull looking Conservatory roof whilst our ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof system in the inside add a high performing Insulation system that ensures you get the most out of your conservatory. This is the choice for those that want to really feel like they have had a new conservatory built!

Composite Slate Conservatory Roof Tile system

From initial enquiry through to complete professional installation by the market leaders

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    What's On The Outside Counts

    Tiled Roof Transformation

    Composite Slate Conservatory Roof Tiles

    We offer composite conservatory tiling and insulating service that is a high quality, affordable, and can completely transform your conservatory into a stylish and comfortable living space. Not only will it blend your conservatory into the colour scheme of your choice our specialist insulation process will make your conservatory usable all year round.

    Grey Color Conservatory Roof Tiles


    The combination of our Conservatory Tiled Roof system & ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof System means outside rain, traffic and nature noise pollution will be significantly reduced. With a build up of 5 materials surfaces in total, unwanted noise will have a hard time getting through your new Conservatory Roof.

    Black Colour Tiles Installed by Conversaheat

    New Looking Appearance

    You will not recognise your Conservatory once our installation team has finished working on it. your conservatory will be a beautifully looking room that you can be proud of and enjoy all year round. For the first time your conservatory will actually feel like part of your home, like an extension for a fraction of the cost and disruption!

    Arial View of Tile Conservatory roof with glass window

    Choose Your Colour

    Manufactured from limestone and virgin resins, our composite tiles are moulded to replicate authentic slate, making it indistinguishable from genuine slate tiles. The major difference between our tiles and slate tiles is the weight. Weighing just 12kg per m2, they are ideal for conservatory use. With a focus on performance, our composite roof tiles are extremely durable and will not break or delaminate like slate. They are fully tested to BBA standards, including their fire rating, and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain. Available in an extensive range of tile colours, our tiles will not only offer great performance but will also match perfectly with your decor. Our range of colours include; Chestnut brown Stone black Brick red Plum Pewter grey

    Conservatory Roof Tiles Colours
    What's On the Inside counts

    ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof Insulation

    Warm In Winter

    Most conservatories are too cold in winter. ConservaHeat's high performing true aluminium outer layers help reflect the heat generated inside your conservatory back into the room minimizing heat loss. You can be sure that even if its snow outside, you will be toasty and warm inside.

    Cool In Summer

    Conservatories are often too hot in summer. In summer, the opposite happens. The sun's hot rays are reflected away from your conservatory preventing heat build up and keeping your conservatory nice and cool. Say good bye to unwanted insects that gather in the summer.


    6 layers of aluminium, thermal wadding and built in vapour control layers mean cold bridging is eliminated and the chance of condensation is significantly reduced.

    Gain An Extra Room That Will Add Value To Your Life

    Benefits Of Our Tiled Conservatory Roof System

    Low Maintenance

    Once your Conservatory is tiled with our Tiled Roof System the ongoing maintenance is extremely low. Keeping the roof free from debris is all you really need to do.

    Lightweight Structure

    We remove your existing polycarbonate or glass Conservatory Roof panels before we install our roof tiles meaning the weight is actually reduced in some cases.

    No Moisture Absorption

    Rain water will not penetrate the surface of our Conservatory Roof Tiles because they are made from composite slate and are not porous.

    All conservatories with a rafter roof system are compatible with our system. This means that if your conservatory roof is made of timber, PVC-u or aluminium, we will be able to install our roofing system.

    The Perfect Insulation system

    Designed to keep your conservatory warmer in winter and cooler in summer, ConservaHeat insulation is a high performance true aluminium multi-layered blanket designed by insulation experts Ecohome-Insulation. Your conservatory can instantly be transformed in to an all-year-round usable space along with our iled roof system.

    ConservaHeat Conservatory insulation is a true aluminium multifoil conservatory roof insulation system and is recommended to be Installed as a fully sealed system by professional & authorised ConservaHeat installation specialists. Conservatory Insulations operates a network of ConservaHeat installation teams. You pay ONLY 5% VAT when you have ConservaHeat installed.

    The key benefits of ConservaHeat Complete Solution are –

    • Warmer in winter
    • Cooler in summer
    • Reduced rain and traffic noise
    • Reduced condensation
    • Only 5% VAT
    • 10 year guarantee
    • Reduced sun glare
    • Energy saving
    • Reduced heating bills
    • Significantly cheaper than a new tiled conservatory roof
    • UK manufactured
    ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof Insulation
    ConservaHeat Insulation Roll


    ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof Insulation is exclusive to us, our customers & recommended installers meaning you will not find our system anywhere else.
    ConservaHeat is the ONLY Insulation System desiged specifically for insulating conservatory Roofs and combating the problems that conservatory owners have.
    The configuration of the layers and the materials used within the outer foil hold the key to why ConservaHeat is different to almost all it's competitors. Most foil quilts on the market use a ‘polymer foil’ outer skin. The problem here, is that they have been developed as a solution for situations that don’t involve direct sunlight and therefore do not require reflective qualities.

    What Will You Use Your Conservatory As?

    Home Office

    Productivity is key when it comes to work especially if you run your own business. Escape the kitchen table, reduce distractions and improve your workflow with your very own Garden Office. No commuting and access to cooking facilities promote a healthier lifestyle and work - life balance. Your Conservatory can provide the perfect Home Office for you to work from and work from or run your business.

    Garden Room Home Office

    Home Gym

    Ever felt like you want to head to the gym but hate the thought of the commute and being stuck in traffic which can seem like longer than the gym session itself? How about a 10 second commute to the conservatory? Add this to no waiting times and the added safety of your own space makes a Conservatory Gym a no brainer choice for gym fans.

    Home Gym fitness

    Games Room

    Snooker? Pool? Games Console? With your very own Games Room you can entertain for hours. A great place for the kids to enjoy their video games with their friends and for the adults to practice their darts skills with a few beers!

    Garden Games Room

    Did You Know?

    The ConservaHeat Complete Conservatory Roof system can be a Smart, Eco-Friendly investment.

    • Renovating your conservatory Roof adds value to your home.
    • Employers often contribute to the cost of having the work installed to use as a Home Office.
    • The expected lifespan of Composite Slate Roof Tiles is 40+ years
    • An Upgraded Conservatory Roof is around half the price of the equivalent size home extension.
    • Pricing starts from just £9,000 plus vat.
    Choose The Best

    Why Choose ConservaHeat Conservatory Roof Insulation?

    Buy Now Pay Later

    If you place your order after a free survey and quote you have the option to buy now & pay next year with our extremely competitive finance offers.

    10 Year Guarantee

    Each & every installation of ConservaHeat Insulation comes with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. No catch just superior workmanship and customer service.


    ConservaHeat Conservatory Ceiling Insulation is 100% exclusive to us and our installers. Beware of others offering like for like quotes.

    Only Pay 5% VAT

    Because ConservaHeat is an energy saving product you only pay 5% vat on your new Conservatory Roof.

    Over 20,000 Installations

    When it comes to experience, we have it! We have helped over 20,000 customers just like yourself to transform their Conservatory into a usable room that they can enjoy all yar round.

    25% Discount For
    ConservaHeat Customers

    Enquire today through our website or telephone and receive a massive 25% discount on your Conservatory Insulation quote.

    Nationwide Coverage

    We offer a nationwide survey and installation service meaning wherever you are in the country, we will have a team to serve you. Don't worry, your location will not increase the price of your new Conservatory Roof.

    UK Manufactured

    Our True Aluminium, Multi layered insulation quilt is manufactured right here in the UK so you can rest assured you will get the best of British manufacturing quality.

    Customer Testimonials

    A snippet of happy customers

    Definitely recommend. Service from beginning to end was top quality. The sales rep that came round to give us a quote was very knowledgeable and was able to show us how it worked with samples and heat. The job was done in one day by two workman which were friendly, polite and extremely hardworking. Really impressed. It has made such a difference to our conservatory, not only does it help with the temperature but looks lovely!.
    Conservatory Roof Tiled Cost
    Jenni Parker
    Still Unsure?

    What else Can We Do For You?

    Our conservatory roof has been tiled and insulated to a remarkable standard.The fitting and insulation was done to the highest standard I have seen.The fitters Luke and Taylor were two hard working and very experienced chaps and after completing the job left everything spotless.It now looks stunning and would thoroughly recommend them.
    Conservatory roof Solutions
    John Foyle
    ConservaHeat is a brilliant company. We had the ceiling of our conservatory installed in March, it looks really great and has made it so cozy and beautiful to look at, the work was carried out with no inconvenience or hassle by two great guys. Its made such a difference to us we decided to have the outside tiled as well, this was done on 2nd August by Luke and Taylor, two brilliant workers, polite, respectful and professional, we love the look of the conservatory now and so do our neighbours. We can now use our conservatory at any time of the year, no rain noise or searing heat we used to experience. Totally recommend ConservaHeat.
    Conservatory Roof Tiles
    Collette Baxter
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    If you have any questions regarding our Insulated Tiled Roof system or would like a free quote please fill in all the details below and a member of the team will call you back within 1 hour of working hours or first thing tomorrow.

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      What else Can We Do For You?

      Conservatory Roof Insulation

      A cost effective way to transform your Conservatory into a usable room all year round. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer, reduced outside noise and reduced condensation. All this without any planning permission and completed in just 1 day!


      Yes, Our tiled roof system is designed to be lightweight and will not affect the strength of your conservatory roof. The existing polycarbonate or glass panels are removed and replaced with our lightweight conservatory tiled roof system outside and Conservatory roof insulation system on the interior.
      The cost of a tiled conservatory roof depends on many factors including size, shape, design. We offer a free no obligation survey, demonstration & quote service meaning you will receive an exact cost, not an estimate for your new tiled conservatory roof.
      A tiled conservatory roof can improve the thermal properties of your conservatory whilst also significantly improving the aesthetics from the outside. This, coupled with an internal conservatory roof insulation system can transform your conservatory into an all year round living space.
      Yes, we can replace your existing poorly insulated conservatory roof with a thermally efficient tiled roof, improving the efficiency and aesthetics of your conservatory.
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